Thursday, November 14, 2013


Spoiler Free Movie Review:

I had the opportunity to view this film on Wednesday November 13, 2013 at a Private Preview Event and here is my review.

I went into Saving Mr. Banks with my best efforts at an open mind as I knew full well that I would, for the first time, be seeing Walt Disney brought to life on the big screen. I also knew that the producers were touching on beloved historical topics, stories and a theme park that may be discerningly judged by many a Disney Fan.

I am SO pleased to report that there is no reason for trepidation or a critical eye.
Now… is it Tom Hanks playing Uncle Walt? Yes. Is it Today’s Disneyland standing in for 1963 Disneyland? Yes. Is it Today's Walt Disney Studio Lot standing in for 1963 Studio Lot? Yes. Does it all come across perfectly? How could it? We are 50 years into the future... they did a fine job in my opinion. 

That said… I highly suggest walking into this film knowing there will be flaws to the critical Disney Fan eye. I also highly suggest that you ignore them, that you allow this film to comfortably immerse you into its story, into the characters and enjoy the ride…

As a tremendous fan, researcher and follower of Walt Disney, I was thrilled with how they first introduce you to Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and continue to sprinkle his persona, mannerisms and that familiar cough… throughout the film. I must admit, it was an emotional experience to see, for the first time, Walt Disney portrayed in a feature film. I have read that some Disney Legends that worked with Walt were brought to tears recently when screening the movie themselves as Tom Hanks brought enough to the character to stir vivid memories...
As for the movie as a whole… This is a wonderful story behind the story of Mary Poppins the film and P.L. Travers the Author. This movie is filled with story, emotion, humor and superb acting by all, especially Emma Thompson. This film I believe will translate to a broad audience as it has something for everyone, young and old, Disney Fan or not…

By the time the credits roll… and be sure to stay for the credits… you will have laughed at the smart humor and the spot-on facial expressions, giggled at the inside references and tapped your foot to the music you know so well. You will also find yourself caring for a variety of the wonderful characters, smiling with glee each time ‘Walt Disney’ is on screen, wishing you could hang out with the Sherman Brothers in their heyday and you likely will even have cried… for so many reasons…

Saving Mr. Banks has instantly become one of my Top 3 films for 2013. Both for reasons as an overall movie fan and personally as a Disney Fan.

I cannot stop thinking about the film, the characters and the music... wanting to revisit them all again as soon as possible.

I can’t wait for YOU to see this film. I can’t wait to see it again. And again.

Until it is released in Theaters on December 20th...
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